[SECURITY] Fedora 22 Update: opensmtpd-5.7.3p1-1.fc22

Type fedora
Reporter Fedora
Modified 2015-10-20T01:56:47


OpenSMTPD is a FREE implementation of the server-side SMTP protocol as defi ned by RFC 5321, with some additional standard extensions. It allows ordinary machines to exchange e-mails with other systems speaking the SMTP protocol. Started out of dissatisfaction with other implementations, OpenSMTPD nowada ys is a fairly complete SMTP implementation. OpenSMTPD is primarily developed by Gilles Chehade, Eric Faurot and Charles Longeau; with contributions from various OpenBSD hackers. OpenSMTPD is part of the OpenBSD Project. The software is freely usable and re-usable by everyone under an ISC licens e. This package uses standard "alternatives" mechanism, you may call "/usr/sbin/alternatives --set mta /usr/sbin/sendmail.opensmtpd" if you want to switch to OpenSMTPD MTA immediately after install, and "/usr/sbin/alternatives --set mta /usr/sbin/sendmail.sendmail" to revert back to Sendmail as a default mail daemon.