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HistoryJan 14, 2022 - 1:28 a.m.

[SECURITY] Fedora 35 Update: e00compr-1.0.1-28.fc35


E00compr is an ANSI C library that reads and writes Arc/Info compressed E00 files. Both =EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BDPARTIAL=EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD a nd =EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BDFULL=EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD compression l evels are supported. This package can be divided in three parts: =EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD The =EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BDe00conv=EF=BF =BD=EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD command-line program. This program takes a E00 file a s input (compressed or not) and copies it to a new file with the requested compression level (NONE, PARTIAL or FULL). =EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD A set of library functions to read compressed E00 files. These functions read a E00 file (compressed or not) and return a stream of uncompressed lines, making the E00 file appear as if it was not compressed. =EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD=EF=BF=BD A set of library functions to write compresse d E00 files. These functions take one line after another from what should be a uncompressed E00 file, and write them to a file with the requested compression level, either N ONE, PARTIAL or FULL. This is a metapackage that installs both the command-line tools (e00compr-tools) and the libraries (e00compr-libs).

Fedora35anye00compr< 1.0.1UNKNOWN
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