[SECURITY] Fedora 27 Update: uwsgi-

Type fedora
Reporter Fedora
Modified 2018-07-20T16:59:33


uWSGI is a fast (pure C), self-healing, developer/sysadmin-friendly application container server. Born as a WSGI-only server, over time it has evolved in a complete stack for networked/clustered web applications, implementing message/object passing, caching, RPC and process management. It uses the uwsgi (all lowercase, already included by default in the Nginx and Cherokee releases) protocol for all the networking/interprocess communications. Can be run in preforking mode, threaded, asynchronous/evented and supports various form of green threads/co-routine (like uGreen and Fiber). Sysadmin will love it as it can be configured via command line, environment variables, xml, .ini and yaml files and via LDAP. Being fully modular can use tons of different technology on top of the same core.