[SECURITY] Fedora 9 Update: samba-3.2.3-0.20.fc9

ID FEDORA:0711720876D
Type fedora
Reporter Fedora
Modified 2008-09-05T12:17:49


Samba is the suite of programs by which a lot of PC-related machines share files, printers, and other information (such as lists of available files and printers). The Windows NT, OS/2, and Linux operating systems support this natively, and add-on packages can enable the same thing for DOS, Windows, VMS, UNIX of all kinds, MVS, and more. This package provides an SMB/CIFS server that can be used to provide network services to SMB/CIFS clients. Samba uses NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) protocols and does NOT need the NetBEUI (Microsoft Raw NetBIOS frame) protocol.