[SECURITY] Fedora 29 Update: keepalived-2.0.10-1.fc29

ID FEDORA:04C50607A249
Type fedora
Reporter Fedora
Modified 2018-12-11T02:43:12


Keepalived provides simple and robust facilities for load balancing and high availability to Linux system and Linux based infrastructures. The load balancing framework relies on well-known and widely used Linux Virtual Server (IPVS) kernel module providing Layer4 load balancing. Keepalived implements a set of checkers to dynamically and adaptively maintain and manage load-balanced server pool according their health. High availability is achieved by VRRP protocol. VRRP is a fundamental brick for router failover. In addition, keepalived implements a set of hooks to the VRRP finite state machine providing low-level and high-speed protocol interactions. Keepalived frameworks can be used independently or all together to provide resilient infrastructures.