SOL9990 - icclib vulnerabilities CVE-2009-0583 and CVE-2009-0584

ID SOL9990
Type f5
Reporter f5
Modified 2013-03-24T00:00:00



Multiple integer overflow flaws which could lead to heap-based buffer overflows, as well as multiple insufficient input validation flaws, were found in Ghostscript's International Color Consortium Format library (icclib). Using specially-crafted ICC profiles, an attacker could create a malicious PostScript or PDF file with embedded images which could cause Ghostscript to crash or, potentially, execute arbitrary code when opened by the victim.

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F5 Product Development tracked this issue as CR118548 and CR119796 and it was fixed in BIG-IP 9.4.7 and 10.0.1. For more information about upgrading, refer to the BIG-IP LTM, ASM, GTM, Link Controller, PSM, or WebAccelerator release notes.

Additionally, this issue was fixed in BIGIP-10.0.0-5514.0-HF2 for BIG-IP 10.0.0. You may download this hotfix or later versions of the hotfix from the F5 Downloads site.

To view a list of the latest available hotfixes, refer to SOL9502: BIG-IP hotfix matrix.

For information about installing a hotfix, refer to SOL10025: Managing BIG-IP product hotfixes (10.x).

For information about the F5 hotfix policy, refer to SOL4918: Overview of F5 critical issue hotfix policy.