SOL9762 - OpenSSL vulnerability - CVE-2008-5077

ID SOL9762
Type f5
Reporter f5
Modified 2014-05-29T00:00:00


OpenSSL 0.9.8i and earlier versions do not properly check the return value from the EVP_VerifyFinal function.

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F5 Product Development is tracking this issue as ID 294064 (formerly CR114792) to upgrade the version of OpenSSL used for the FirePass controller.

This is a similar vulnerability to CVE-2009-0025 and CVE-2009-0265. For information about CVE-2009-0025, refer to SOL9754: BIND 9 vulnerability CVE-2009-0025. For information about CVE-2009-0265, refer to SOL11503: BIND 9 vulnerability CVE-2009-0265.