SOL7005 - Overview of MNIN/NNL-Labs Advisory

ID SOL7005
Type f5
Reporter f5
Modified 2007-03-15T00:00:00


*Future release

Obtaining and installing hotfixes

F5 recommends you apply the following hotfixes for your specific FirePass version to address the issues presented in these security advisories:

Product | Version | Hotfix
FirePass | 6.0.0 | HF-600-8 or later cumulative hotfix
FirePass | 5.5.2 | HF-552-2 or later cumulative hotfix
FirePass | 5.5.1 | HF-60073-60420-67024-66767-66794-68898-64237-1
FirePass | 5.5.0 | HF-60073-60420-64237-70031-1

F5 recommends consulting the individual Solutions for details about these issues and the corresponding hotfixes. Many issues have been addressed in earlier hotfixes than those listed above.

For information about how to download software, refer to SOL167: Downloading software from F5 Networks. For instructions on installing a hotfix, refer to SOL3430: Installing hotfixes.