SOL16846 - IPMI vulnerability CVE-2013-4786

ID SOL16846
Type f5
Reporter f5
Modified 2016-12-02T00:00:00


Vulnerability Recommended Actions

If you are running a version listed in the Versions known to be vulnerable column, you can eliminate this vulnerability by upgrading to a version listed in the Versions known to be not vulnerable column. If the table lists only an older version than what you are currently running, or does not list a non-vulnerable version, then no upgrade candidate currently exists.

To mitigate this vulnerability for Traffix SDC, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Disable the Intelligent Plaform Management Interface (IPMI) if it is not needed. If you must use IPMI, use a separate management LAN or VLAN, Access Control Lists (ACLs), or VPN to limit and restrict access to your iLO management interfaces.
  • Maintain the latest IPMI version and Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) firmware that contains the most recent security patches.
  • Employ best practices in the management of the protocols and passwords on your systems and networks.
  • Use strong passwords.

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