SOL16010 - GNU C Library (glibc) vulnerability CVE-2014-7817

ID SOL16010
Type f5
Reporter f5
Modified 2015-09-16T00:00:00


*These versions of BIG-IP, BIG-IQ, and Enterprise Manager have a vulnerable version of glibc code. However, the risk level for this vulnerability is considered LOW because F5 product development has verified that the vulnerable code is NOT used in a way that would make an exploit possible.

** These versions of the ARX system have a vulnerable version of glibc. However, F5 product development has reviewed the source code and confirmed that the vulnerable wordexp function is not used by the ARX system, so it is considered not vulnerable.

Note: As of February 17, 2015, AskF5 Security Advisory articles include the Severity value. Security Advisory articles published before this date do not list a Severity value.

Recommended Action

If the previous table lists a version in the Versions known to be not vulnerable column, you can eliminate this vulnerability by upgrading to the listed version. If the listed version is older than the version you are currently running, or if the table does not list any version in the column, then no upgrade candidate currently exists.

F5 is responding to this vulnerability as determined by the parameters defined in SOL4602: Overview of the F5 security vulnerability response policy.

To mitigate this vulnerability, you should permit access to F5 products only over a secure network, and limit login access to trusted users. For additional information, refer to SOL13092: Overview of securing access to the BIG-IP system.

Supplemental Information

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