Linux kernel vulnerability CVE-2015-3331

ID F5:K16819
Type f5
Reporter f5
Modified 2016-01-09T02:23:00


The __driver_rfc4106_decrypt function in arch/x86/crypto/aesni-intel_glue.c in the Linux kernel before 3.19.3 does not properly determine the memory locations used for encrypted data, which allows context-dependent attackers to cause a denial of service (buffer overflow and system crash) or possibly execute arbitrary code by triggering a crypto API call, as demonstrated by use of a libkcapi test program with an AF_ALG(aead) socket. (CVE-2015-3331)


This vulnerability may allow attackers to cause a denial-of-service (buffer overflow and system crash) or possibly execute arbitrary code.

If the previous table lists a version in the Versions known to be not vulnerable column, you can eliminate this vulnerability by upgrading to the listed version. If the listed version is older than the version you are currently running, or if the table does not list any version in the column, then no upgrade candidate currently exists.

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