Trlinux Postaci Webmail 1.1.3 - Password Disclosure

Type exploitpack
Reporter Michael R. Rudel
Modified 2000-11-30T00:00:00


Trlinux Postaci Webmail 1.1.3 - Password Disclosure


Postaci Webmail is a database-driven web e-mail system. PostACI contains a vulnerability in its default configuration that may allow a remote attacker to gain access to the underlying database.

Webmail stores database username and password information in a file called This file is world-readable and stored in a directory accessible by a web browser over the internet. As a result, an attacker can retrieve the file with a web browser on a typical system (default configuration). Once obtained, the attacker may be able to access the systems database.

Successful exploitation will lead to the attacker gaining unauthorized access to the database.

Depending on the database and system type, this may lead to a compromise of interactive access on the host running Webmail and the database.