AzDGDatingMedium 1.9.3 - Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities

ID EXPLOITPACK:BC4463811371384CA0700E97CD3D3C7E
Type exploitpack
Reporter AkaStep
Modified 2012-05-27T00:00:00


AzDGDatingMedium 1.9.3 - Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities


AzDGDatingMedium is prone to multiple remote vulnerabilities that includes a SQL-injection vulnerability, an information-disclosure vulnerability, a directory-traversal vulnerability and multiple cross-site scripting vulnerabilities,

Exploiting these issues could allow an attacker to steal cookie-based authentication credentials, compromise the application, access or modify data, exploit latent vulnerabilities in the underlying database and gain access to sensitive information.

AzDGDatingMedium 1.9.3 is vulnerable; other versions may also be affected.<script>alert(1);</script><script>alert("AkaStep");</script>&dir=../include/&