XennoBB 2.1 - profile.php Multiple SQL Injections

Type exploitpack
Reporter Chris Boulton
Modified 2006-08-07T00:00:00


XennoBB 2.1 - profile.php Multiple SQL Injections

                                            source: https://www.securityfocus.com/bid/19374/info

XennoBB is prone to multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities because it fails to properly sanitize user-supplied input before using it in an SQL query. 

A successful attack could allow an attacker to compromise the application, access or modify data, or exploit vulnerabilities in the underlying database implementation.

These issues affect version 2.1.0; earlier versions may also be vulnerable.

Submitting the following as a POST request to profile.php is sufficient to exploit these issues and gain administrative privileges:

form_sent=1&form[sex]=a&bday_day=1&bday_month=2&bday_year=", group_id=1, birthday="