Anon Proxy Server 0.1000 - Remote Command Execution

Type exploitpack
Reporter Michael Brooks
Modified 2007-12-14T00:00:00


Anon Proxy Server 0.1000 - Remote Command Execution

                                            By Michael Brooks
Vulnerability type: Multiple Remote System commands execution. 
Software: Anon Proxy Server
Home page:
Affects version: 0.100

Example exploit:

A virtually identical flaw exists in diagconnect.php however it takes longer to execute.

Anon Proxy Server forces magic_quotes_gpc=on,  However magic_quotes_gpc does not protect the system()  function from taint.  For protection you should use the escapeshellarg() function. Removing diagdns.php and diagconnect.php is the best temporary solution.  Also magic_quotes_gpc is being removed in php6,  so Anon Proxy Server will have to revamp there security. 


# [2007-12-14]