Greg Matthews - Classifieds.cgi 1.0 MetaCharacter

ID EXPLOITPACK:4250B09703F5C10E5B14E059613D8A9E
Type exploitpack
Reporter anonymous
Modified 1998-12-15T00:00:00


Greg Matthews - Classifieds.cgi 1.0 MetaCharacter


Classifieds.cgi is a perl script (part of the classifieds package by Greg Matthews) which provides simple classified ads to web sites. Due to improper input validation it can be used to read files on the host machine, with the privileges of the web server. This can be accomplished by embedding the input redirection metacharacter along with a filename into the form field used for e-mail address entry (<input name=return>). Any file that the web server process has read access to can be retrieved. 

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