SalesLogix Corporation eViewer 1.0 - Denial of Service

ID EXPLOITPACK:4006D0B8E5A753FB712746417657A90C
Type exploitpack
Reporter Todd Beebe
Modified 2000-03-31T00:00:00


SalesLogix Corporation eViewer 1.0 - Denial of Service


SalesLogix eViewer is a web application integrated with the SalesLogix 2000 package.

eViewer will not perform authorization on administrative commands if they are requested directly in the URL. Therefore, the URL:

http: //target/scripts/slxweb.dll/admin?command=shutdown

will cause the slxweb.dll process to shutdown. Possibly other commands aside from 'shutdown' could be performed by a remote user as well. Although the slxweb.dll process will restart once a new query or session is issued, continually requesting the URL above will cause a denial of service.

Additional notes:
The program which issues administrative commands (slxweb.dll) is installed by default in the /scripts directory and cannot be relocated. In addition to this security concern, the package requires a user to change the default anonymous username (IUSR_{systemname}) in Microsoft IIS to 'slxwebuser' and grant it administrative privileges.