Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 - Zone Spoofing (MS01-055)

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 - Zone Spoofing (MS01-055)


Microsoft Internet Explorer contains a security-setting feature that can be modified according to a user's preferences. These settings control what actions a web site can take on a user's system.

A vulnerability exists in Internet Explorer, which could allow a web site to be viewed in the Local Intranet Zone, rather than the Internet Zone. Thus, allowing content to be viewed with less-restrictive security settings.

Converting the IP address of the target web site into a dotless IP address, and submitting it, will cause Internet Explorer to view the web site in the Local Intranet zone.

* Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-055 states that there is a new variant of this issue, although no technical details have been provided. A cumulative patch has been released and IE 5.5 users are encouraged to install it. 


An option in a basic authenticated site is to pass on a username (and/or
password) in the URL like this:

Another possibility is to convert an IP address into a dotless IP address;
such an address is also called a DWORD address (some proxy servers, routers
or web servers do not allow this). - IP:

Convert this IP address to a DWORD address:

207 * 16777216 = 3472883712
46 * 65536 = 3014656
239 * 256 = 61184
122 * 1 = 122
------------------------------------------------ +
= 3475959674

This DWORD address can be used to visit the site like:

If we combine the URL login option with the DWORD IP address we'll get the
following URL:


The browser still thinks we are in the internet zone as expected.

Now we change the @ sign to its ASCII equivalent (%40):