NETGEAR Wireless Management System (Build 1236) - Privilege Escalation

Type exploitpack
Reporter Elliott Lewis
Modified 2015-09-07T00:00:00


NETGEAR Wireless Management System (Build 1236) - Privilege Escalation

                                            NETGEAR Wireless Management System - Authentication Bypass and
Privilege Escalation.
WMS5316 ProSafe 16AP Wireless Management System - Firmware
(Build 1236).

[-] Vulnerability Information:
Title: NETGEAR Wireless Management System - Authentication Bypass and
Privilege Escalation
CVE: Not assigned
Product: WMS5316 ProSafe 16AP Wireless Management System
Affected Version: Firmware (Build 1236)
Fixed Version: Not publicly available

[-] Disclosure Timeline:
Vulnerability identified by Reinforce Services

Support case created with NETGEAR.

Vendor requested further information.

Issue escalated within NETGEAR.

Issue confirmed by vendor.

Vendor confirmed issue present in other controllers (details unknown)
Beta update for WMS5316 expected first week of June.

Vendor releases firmware version 2.1.5 that now contains a fix.
(Note: This has not been tested to confirm the issue is resolved)

[-] Proof of Concept:
wget --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies=cookies.txt
--post-data="reqMethod=auth_user&jsonData=%7B%22user_name%22%3A%20%22ANYTHING%22%2C%20%22password%22%3A%20%22&%22%7D" && wget

[-] Vulnerability Details:
The process to bypass authentication and escalate privileges is as follows:

Include the "&" symbol anywhere in the password value in the login
request (as raw content - it must not be encoded).

After a moment, the system will accept those credentials and grant
access to the GUI. The account appears somewhat restricted - but this
is only client side.

Send a request to add a new administrative user.

The new admin account is then available for use as created above.

Note: As an alternative, it is trivial to modify the Java code on it's
way down to a browser to enable all of the admin functions rather than
creating a new user.
This worked as well - so it's not strictly necessary to create a new
user; the bypass 'user' has full admin access if needed (leaving less
indicators of compromise)

[-] Credits:
Vulnerability discovered by Elliott Lewis of Reinforce Services

[-] Copyright:
Copyright (c) Reinforce Services Limited 2015, All rights reserved
worldwide. Permission is hereby granted for the electronic
redistribution of this information. It is not to be edited or altered
in any way without the express written consent of Reinforce Services

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