Plume CMS 1.2.3 - Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities

ID EDB-ID:9424
Type exploitdb
Reporter Sense of Security
Modified 2009-08-12T00:00:00


Plume CMS 1.2.3 Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities. CVE-2009-3418. Webapps exploit for php platform

                                            Plume CMS Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities - Security Advisory -

Release Date. 12-Aug-2009
Last Update. -
Vendor Notification Date. 16-Jun-2009
Product. Plume CMS
Platform. Independent
Affected versions. 1.2.3 (verified), possibly others
Severity Rating. High
Impact. Manipulation of data
Attack Vector. Remote with authentication
Solution Status. Unpatched
CVE reference. Not yet allocated


Plume CMS is a content management system written in PHP. The application
suffers from SQL injection vulnerabilities in index.php and tools.php, as it
fails to validate data supplied in the "m" variable of index.php before
being used in a SQL query. Additionally, the variable "id" of tools.php is
also vulnerable to the same type of attack.

SQL injection attacks can give an attacker access to backend database
contents, the ability to remotely execute system commands, or in some
circumstances the means to take control of the operating system hosting the

Proof of Concept.

The below POC will return the first username from the users table:
/plume/manager/index.php?m=1 UNION SELECT
FROM plume_users LIMIT 1,1--



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