Microsoft Windows GDI - EMR_COLORMATCHTOTARGETW Exploit MS08-021

ID EDB-ID:6656
Type exploitdb
Reporter Ac!dDrop
Modified 2008-10-02T00:00:00


MS Windows GDI (EMR_COLORMATCHTOTARGETW) Exploit MS08-021. CVE-2008-1083,CVE-2008-1087. Remote exploit for windows platform

                                            EMR_COLORMATCHTOTARGETW stack buffer overflow exploit
By Ac!dDrop

This is one of the 2 Vulnerabilities of MS08-021

Tested on Windows xp professional SP1
GDi32.dll    5.1.2600.1106
kernel32.dll 5.1.2600.1106
ws2_32.dll   5.1.2600.0> executes calculator and ------>  connects at localhost at port 230

On Windows Xp Sp2 only causes Denial of service.
 -(Vulnerable function guarded with a GS cookie)
 -(The function which copies data to stack has an exception handler which recovers from access violations so u cant exploit it by hitting next page ). (2008-Gdi.tgz)

# [2008-10-02]