Camera Life 2.6.2b4 - Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:6594
Type exploitdb
Reporter Mi4night
Modified 2008-09-27T00:00:00


Camera Life 2.6.2b4 Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability. CVE-2008-4366. Webapps exploit for php platform

                                            [+] CameraLife-2.6.2b4 Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability

[+] Author:Mi4night

[+] Version:cameralife-2.6.2b4

[+] Download Script:

[+] Exploit:

[+] Description:
[+] After registering you can upload php files which you can access just like in the exploit section! Change Mi4night with your username.

[+] Greets to : nuclear, cAs,zYzTeM, Sys32-Hack, Pepe, G-Emp!RE, ThaWhiteNigga, *Z.i.P*,THE_MAN, I-O-W-A, Digitalfortress, DiGitalX, sys32r, pentest, Pig, d3v1l, watchdog, Gibon

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