F-PROT antivirus - malformed archive Infinite Loop DoS Exploit

ID EDB-ID:6174
Type exploitdb
Reporter kokanin
Modified 2008-07-31T00:00:00


F-PROT antivirus (malformed archive) Infinite Loop DoS Exploit. CVE-2008-3447. Dos exploits for multiple platform

                                            $ /opt/f-prot/fpscan snot.zip

F-PROT Antivirus version (built: 2008-04-28T16-44-10)
FRISK Software International (C) Copyright 1989-2007

Engine version:
Virus signatures: 200806021748d9e53873896ea96bd4e8a470344c25b5

Scanning: -

^^ at this point the scanner gets stuck in an infinite loop and will not
finish or continue to other files if told to scan a directory.

If you use F-PROT you probably won't be reading this on account of
your scanner hanging, woops.

https://github.com/offensive-security/exploit-database-bin-sploits/raw/master/sploits/6174.zip (2008-snot.zip.bla)

# milw0rm.com [2008-07-31]