Oreon 1.4 / Centreon 1.4.1 - Multiple RFI Vulnerabilties

ID EDB-ID:4735
Type exploitdb
Reporter Michael Brooks
Modified 2007-12-14T00:00:00


Oreon 1.4 / Centreon 1.4.1 Multiple RFI Vulnerabilties. CVE-2007-6485. Webapps exploit for php platform

                                            By Michael Brooks
Vulnerability Type: Multiple Remote File Inclusion.
Software: Oreon and Centreon
Homepage:http://www.oreon-project.org/  or http://www.centreon.com/
Versions: 1.4(Oreon) and 1.4.1(Centreon)

The vulnerable file is:
Another,virtually identical RFI:

The attack:

file MakeXML.php line 42 & 43:
	include_once($oreonPath . "www/oreon.conf.php");
	include_once($oreonPath . "www/include/common/common-Func-ACL.php");

Register_globals isn't needed for the taint:
file MakeXML.php line 28:
	if (isset($_GET["fileOreonConf"]))
		$oreonPath = $_GET["fileOreonConf"];

However magic_quotes_gpc is require for LFI because you need a null byte. 


# milw0rm.com [2007-12-14]