MSN messenger 7.x 8.0? - Video Remote Heap Overflow Exploit

ID EDB-ID:4334
Type exploitdb
Reporter wushi
Modified 2007-08-29T00:00:00


MSN messenger 7.x (8.0?) VIDEO Remote Heap Overflow Exploit. Remote exploit for windows platform

                                            MSN messenger 7.x (8.0?) VIDEO Remote Heap Overflow Exploit

thanks ole andre again, His ospy is perfect.

1.compile the dll.
2.inject the dll to msn messenger 7.0.777.0 's process.
3. choose "send my webcam" to a contact id who is online using 7.x (8.0?).
4.when the otherside accept the invatation , the otherside's msn will be at least crashed, if you using aChinese version windows 2000 sp4 , maybe a reverse shell , if other verison windows 2000, you need adjust the jmpa address in the dll's sourcecode. (08292007-exp_msn.rar)

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