Personify360 7.5.2/7.6.1 - Improper Database Schema Access Restrictions

ID EDB-ID:41986
Type exploitdb
Reporter Exploit-DB
Modified 2017-05-09T00:00:00


                                            # Exploit Title: Discover all tables and columns in database when creating new customer role
# Date: 3/29/2017
# Exploit Author: Pesach Zirkind
# Vendor Homepage:
# Version: 7.5.2 - 7.6.1
# Tested on: Windows (all versions)
# CVE : CVE-2017-7314

# Category: webapps

1. Description
Any website visitor can access a page that allows creation of a new customer role, while creating the role there is access to the database schema showing all the tables and their columns
It does not show the data in the database only the schema
2. Proof of Concept
Click: Role Configuration on the left side
Click New
Select the "Role Based on Table" dropdown
3. Solution:
The fix is available at Personify’s SFTP site ( as Personify Patch –