Windows Kernel - win32k!vSolidFillRect Buffer Overflow MS15-061

ID EDB-ID:38270
Type exploitdb
Reporter Nils Sommer
Modified 2015-09-22T00:00:00


Windows Kernel - win32k!vSolidFillRect Buffer Overflow (MS15-061). CVE-2015-1725. Dos exploit for win32 platform


The PoC triggers a pool buffer overflow in win32k!vSolidFillRect. ​When using Special Pool we get the crash immediately on the overwrite. Without Special Pool we often get a crash in the same function, but sometimes it crashes in a different function (similar to another issue, however with a different offset). This might be a result of the memory corruption or an out-of-memory condition before the overflow is triggered. Debugger output for all three different crashes attached.

Proof of Concept: