Flash Broker-Based Sandbox Escape via Unexpected Directory Lock

ID EDB-ID:37841
Type exploitdb
Reporter KeenTeam
Modified 2015-08-19T00:00:00


Flash Broker-Based Sandbox Escape via Unexpected Directory Lock. CVE-2015-3083. Remote exploit for windows platform

                                            Source: https://code.google.com/p/google-security-research/issues/detail?id=279&can=1&q=label%3AProduct-Flash%20modified-after%3A2015%2F8%2F17&sort=id

FlashBroker - Junction Check Bypass With Locked Directory IE PM Sandbox Escape

1. Windows 8.1 Internet Explorer Protected Mode Bypass in FlashBroker

FlashBroker is vulnerable to NTFS junction attack to write an arbitrary file to the filesystem under user permissions.

There is a bad check in FlashBroker BrokerCreateFile method and BrokerMoveFileEx method. FlashBroker uses CreateFile to open the destination folder for check. If CreateFile fails, the destination will be considered as a valid path. However, FlashBroker uses dwShareMode as 0 in CreateFile, which make CreateFile always fail if handle of the destination folder is held by other.

The PoC writes calc.bat to startup folder. It has been tested by injecting the dll into 32-bit low integrity level IE process with Adobe Flash Player (KB3021953) installed. It does not work in IE11 EPM as it needs to write normally to the temporary folder to setup the junction.

2. Credit
Jietao Yang and Jihui Lu of KeenTeam (@K33nTeam) is credited for the vulnerability.

Proof of Concept: