FTP Commander 8.02 - SEH Overwrite

ID EDB-ID:37810
Type exploitdb
Reporter Un_N0n
Modified 2015-08-18T00:00:00


FTP Commander 8.02 - SEH Overwrite. Dos exploit for windows platform

# Exploit Title: FTP Commander 'Costum Command' SEH Over-Write(Buffer Overflow).
# Date: 8/17/2015
# Exploit Author: Un_N0n
# Software Vendor : http://www.internet-soft.com/
# Software Link: http://www.internet-soft.com/ftpcomm.htm
# Version: 8.02
# Tested on: Windows 7 x32(32 BIT)

[Steps to Produce the Crash]:
1- open 'ftpcomm.exe'.
2- Goto FTP - Server > Costum Command.
3- Below the SERVER LIST a input-box will appear, enter the contents of the crash.txt into it, then press Do it!.
4- Software will crash saying 'Access Violation at address XXXXXXXX......'.

This is basic SEH Over-write, i have tried to make a working exploit on WIN 7 x32 but no luck since this-
program does not have its own DLLs and using Windows DLLs is not a good idea b/c SAFESEH, have tried
other techniques but the final exploit seems to be un-stable.

[Code to produce crash.txt]: 
junk = "A"*6000
file = open("crash.txt",'w')

The following details are for those who would like to develop a working exploit for this software:
Hint: ~You can try loading the address from outside the address range of loaded modules.~ ;)