RedaxScript 2.1.0 - Privilege Escalation

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RedaxScript 2.1.0 - Privilege Escalation. Webapps exploit for php platform

                                            ​​​# Exploit Title: Privilege Escalation in RedaxScript 2.1.0
# Date: 11-05-2014
# Exploit Author: shyamkumar somana
# Vendor Homepage:
# Version: 2.1.0
# Tested on: Windows 8

#Privilege Escalation in RedaxScript 2.1.0

 RedaxScript 2.1.0 suffers from a privilege Escalation vulnerability. The
issue occurs because the application fails to properly implement access
controls. The application also fails to perform proper sanity checks on the
user supplied input before processing it.  These two flaws led to a
vertical privilege escalation. This can be achieved by a simply tampering
the parameter values. An attacker can exploit this issue to gain elevated
privileges to the application.

*Steps to reproduce the instance:*

·         login as a non admin user

·         Go to account and update the account.

·         intercept the request and add “*groups[]=1*” to the post data and
submit the request

·         Log out of the application and log in again. You can now browse
the application with admin privileges.

This vulnerability was addressed in the following commit.


09-26-2014:         Issue identified

09-27-2014:         Discussion with the vendor

10-27-2014:         Issue confirmed

11-05-2014:         Patch released.

Author:                                Shyamkumar Somana
Vendor Homepage:
Version:                               2.1.0
Tested on:                          Windows 7


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