COMTREND CT-536 and HG-536 Routers Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities

ID EDB-ID:32681
Type exploitdb
Reporter Daniel Fernandez Bleda
Modified 2008-12-22T00:00:00


COMTREND CT-536 and HG-536 Routers Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities. Remote exploit for hardware platform


COMTREND CT-536 and HG-536 are prone to multiple remote vulnerabilities:

- Multiple unauthorized-access vulnerabilities
- An information-disclosure vulnerability
- Multiple cross-site scripting vulnerabilities
- A denial-of-service vulnerability
- Multiple buffer-overflow vulnerabilities

Attackers can exploit these issues to compromise the affected device, obtain sensitive information, execute arbitrary script code, steal cookie-based authentication credentials, and cause a denial-of-service condition. Other attacks are also possible.

The following firmware versions are vulnerable; additional versions may also be affected:
CT-536 A101-302JAZ-C01_R05
HG-536+ A101-302JAZ-C01_R05 and A101-302JAZ-C03_R14.A2pB021g.d15h,&eStart=1,&eEnd=1,&iStart=1,&iEnd http://www,