Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 - UTF-7 HTTP Response Handling Weakness

ID EDB-ID:31759
Type exploitdb
Reporter Yaniv Miron
Modified 2008-05-08T00:00:00


Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 UTF-7 HTTP Response Handling Weakness. CVE-2008-2168. Remote exploit for windows platform


Microsoft Internet Explorer is prone to a weakness that can facilitate cross-site scripting attacks. The issue occurs because the application fails to sufficiently sanitize user-supplied input when handling UTF-7 charset data received in HTTP responses.

Attackers can leverage this weakness to aid in cross-site scripting attacks against unsuspecting users of the application.

Reports indicate that all versions of Internet Explorer are affected.

Other browsers may also be affected under certain configurations, but this has not been confirmed.

NOTE: This BID was originally titled 'Apache HTTP Server 403 Error Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability'. idQbIjbnpMEco8Zlo5xNRuCoviPx7x7tYYeOgc8HU46gaecJwnHY7f6GlQB8H6kBFhjoIaHE1SQPhU5VReCz1olPh5jZ%3Cfont%20size=50%3EDEFACED%3C!xc+ADw-script+AD4-alert('xss') +ADw-/script+AD4---//--