Absolute News Manager .NET 5.1 xlaabsolutenm.aspx rmore Parameter XSS

ID EDB-ID:30843
Type exploitdb
Reporter Adrian Pastor
Modified 2007-12-04T00:00:00


Absolute News Manager .NET 5.1 xlaabsolutenm.aspx rmore Parameter XSS. CVE-2007-6270. Webapps exploit for asp platform

                                            source: http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/26692/info
Absolute News Manager .NET is prone to multiple remote vulnerabilities, including multiple cross-site scripting, SQL-injection, and information-disclosure issues.
Attackers can exploit these issues to steal cookie-based authentication credentials, execute arbitrary script code in the context of the webserver process, obtain sensitive information, access or modify data, or exploit latent vulnerabilities in the underlying database.
These issues affect Absolute News Manager .NET 5.1; other versions may also be vulnerable.